Master your mind 5 day challenge video bundle
Taru's popular "Find Your Purpose" guidebook
Taru's "Time Management" Handbook for better focus
+ 6 months access to Taru's "Inner Circle", an exclusive private members group
Get instant help to understand the pattern that have kept you stuck. 
Remove every obstacle in your way and design your new upgraded life with ease.
This course is for you if you:
  • Feel stuck in life
  • ​Know you need to make a change, but don't know how or where to start
  • Have low self-esteem and wish to love yourself deeper
  • ​Are tired of the same kinds of results
  • ​​Have negative people in your life
  • ​Sick and tired of following the same pattern
  • ​Wish to live with purpose and passion
  • ​Have a hard time forgiving someone from the past
  • ​Wish to find clarity
  • ​Are ready to live your best life ever!
Free yourself from fears, insecurities and stories from the past.
Come into true alignment with the real you.
1. Prep the mind + set the intention
  • Clarity is POWER. Set your clear intention.
  • Identify your true reason and motivation.
  • Eliminate distraction
  • ​Boost your energy
  • ​The 7 things to immediately put into practice 
2. Cleanse and detox your life
  • Clear the clutter
  • Map out how you've developed bad habits
  • Understand your childhood conditioning
  • ​Identify where your fears and limitations stem from
  • ​Learn the science behind your mind 
  • ​Get to know your specific mind at a deeper level
  • ​Break free from trauma / false stories from your childhood 
  • ​The importance of forgiving and how to do it
  • ​Release attachment
  • ​Reprogram your subconscious mind
  • ​Timeline exercise
  • ​The crucial steps to clear before the law of attraction can work
3. Design your life like you mean it
  • The magic formula to success
  • ​Create your daily step-by-step schedule to success
  • ​Find your meditative practice
  • ​Learn your worth so that you can ask for what you desire
  • ​Remove resistance, accept and allow
  • ​How to become an energetic match to your dreams
  • ​Daily self love practices
  • ​Design your life with clarity and intention
  • ​How to take massive action and become the person that lives your desire
  • ​How to actually work with affirmations and visualisation so that they work!
  • ​Identify and design the best version of you
  • ​Write the script, get to action
  • ​What to do when old triggers or negativity arises
This is a self study course of 55 lessons (video and text) that can be comfortably done in 3-4 weeks or longer. 
Most people gain massive realizations already in the first week.
Master your mind 5 day challenge 
How to make the Law Of Attraction work, and what you MUST know before you start using this law. Gain instant access to the content of my incredibly popular 5-day challenge I hosted a few months ago. In this challenge you’ll learn:
- How to use the power of your brilliant mind (and the law of attraction) to create your dream life.
- What you need to clear out and understand before the law of attraction can fully work its magic in your life.
- How to make peace with your mind, so that it stops stressing you and bringing you anxiety.

Value $39
Find your life's purpose handbook
Identify what you could occupy yourself with instead of what you do today. Look into the dreams you have put off for later.

Anything is possible, you just need to expand your awareness of what is available to you. You will also learn how to expand your awareness of what you are capable of. This guide helps you identify your hearts true calling.

Value $79
Time management handbook
How to divide and balance your valuable time so that you can achieve and enjoy more, while eliminating all that takes energy and leaves you drained and frustrated.

Value $59
“Taru’s life design course has helped me map out my limited thought patterns that have been playing on repeat for most part of my life. With the tools from the course I could clearly see what thoughts and fears have been standing in my way in life and how I could erase them for good. 

I have read spiritual books by many great authors but it was not until I took Taru’s course that I could really apply the knowledge to my daily life and create a routine.

My brain feels less cluttered and I’m more focused than ever. It feels so awesome to not act on autopilot anymore and be free from negative beliefs!

Jennifer, Los Angeles
“I am standing at the very start of an exciting journey where I get to reclaim my own life. My vision of it. And I have Taru to thank for it.

I have met numerous amount of psychologists and coaches (in my baggage you find a childhood trauma, an unusual upbringing, an eating disorder), and it always took me 15 minutes tops to figure out what their strategy was with me, and from that point on I couldn't help to steer them in the direction I wanted. Waste of their and my time.

Taru doesn't have a strategy with you - she has a genuine desire to help you find you own path, hear your own voice. With that said - Taru's course is thoroughly planned, every step is well thought out and yet has a natural flow. 

Taru has a subtle way to guide you to the realizations that are crucial for your well being - but you will come to those by yourself, in a natural way. And from that point on there will be no going back.”

Irina, Gothenburg
"I have been struggling with things like childhood traumas, eating disorders and self-destructive thoughts for actually all my life and finally found myself going through a depressive state with suicidal thoughts at the beginning of this year. Apart from professional medical and therapeutic support I knew I needed more to help me finding the peace and freedom with myself I have always been longing for. 

Now after a few weeks with Taru’s course I am thinking more and more positively about myself, the past, present and future. I feel so much power, excitement and curiosity towards my life and what is there to come. The other day last week was possibly the best day of my life so far - nothing special has happened, but I felt free and in peace with my life with nearly no negative thoughts about me or others. 

New things I have always wished for keep showing up in my life. Of course, I still fall back into old thoughts and habits from time to time and my brain reminds me of well-known negative beliefs. But I trust that I manage to let go of it with the tools from the course and actually start believing that everything I want in live can become true. Taru is always there to adapt the content to any special needs and to help with whatever is useful beyond the course. 

Thank you Taru for being open about your own past and struggles, listening to your inner voice and accompanying people on their journey <3"

Jella, Berlin

I’m Taru. I’m a Transformational Life Coach, a mother, a nomadic explorer, a life long learner and someone who is always looking to go deeper on my path to uncovering truth.

I’m absolutely obsessed and immensely passionate about supporting people like you and I to live lives free from negativity, and stories and pains of the past. I want to liberate you from confusion and the noise so that you can be free to be your beautiful, magnificent self without distraction. 

I work with people that want real change, and who are wiling to do what it takes to create the life they truly wish to live. Real progress and transformation can only take place if there is enough momentum built.

Of course I know that it can be hard to get started, or even know where to begin. Especially as most of us have certain inherited or conditioned beliefs about ourselves that act as blocks on our path towards creating a fulfilled life. It's not always easy to navigate this terrain alone. We all need support and guidance. I would have never gotten this far in my own development, if I wouldn't have had some amazing teachers and mentors.

My passion is to be that for you. Someone who takes you by the hand, that leads you to the right clues and questions. So that you can begin to untangle everything that stands in your way, so that you may finally live a truly blissful and magnificent life, every day.

There’s an incredible life out there just waiting for you. I know that you’re finally ready to own that bright future, and become the person you have always dreamed of becoming.

Now let's do this! Your dream life is awaiting you.
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